How AndYu came about


More than 30 years ago, a Japanese woman was traveling through the islands

of Nusa Tenggara, searching for old Indonesian tales.


She saw a basket hanging from the eaves of a house in a village she happened

to stop at along the way, and it took her breath away.


The color of the ata basket was the same as that of a memorable straw hat she 

wore when she was a child. Its detailed stitching had a glossy amber color.


This beautiful basket fascinated her. She could not stop thinking about it even

after she returned home. This is how the "Ata Basket Shop" began.




  We aim for "triple satisfaction"


 Each of these handmade ata baskets has a warmth and texture

that cannot be created mechanically.


The use of machinery in our daily lives continues apace. In the midst of all of this, we wish to bring you this "warmth" and "texture", even if only on a small scale.

We continue to make various products in response to the demands of our customers and have now handled and delivered over 900 different items.


Through these magnificent ata baskets,

we offer a product and service that enriches our customer's lives.


We are also committed to the well-being and happiness of our staff, friends, and coworkers in Indonesia, who are engaged in the production of these baskets. 





AndYu Co., Ltd. 

since 1991


Office :

2282 AngyoryoNegishi

Kawaguchi, Saitama 

 333-0834 Japan 


Line of business:

Planning of Ata Basket


TEL: +81 (0)48-282-8552 

FAX: +81(0)48-282-8597

MAIL: andyu@andyu.jp